Babbel Drives 100k New Leads Per Month Through Content Marketing

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Taboola’s platform is an inexpensive yet effective tool that we use in order to get Babbel’s content out there to new learners

Taboola’s platform is an inexpensive yet effective tool that we use in order to get Babbel’s content out there to new learners. We are also thrilled with the transparency of the platform. As a brand, it’s great to understand where our content is being promoted and to be able to make changes if need be. ~- Ed Wood, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Babbel


Founded in 2007, Babbel is a leader in the online language learning industry with more than 1 million active subscribers.


Distribute Babbel’s rich content to new language learners and have them convert into paying customers.


Use Taboola’s discovery platform to interact with and to target Babbel’s audience through their humorous and informative content.


Paying customer acquisition experienced double-digit increase through Taboola.


Babbel is a new, online method for language learning. The comprehensive system combines effective educational methods with state-of-the-art technology. Babbel enables anyone to learn one of 14 languages in an easy and interactive way.

Since Babbel is an online company offering people the opportunity to learn languages on the go, it makes sense that their marketing is very focused on digital opportunities for customer acquisition. They use a wide variety of channels to reach potential customers, including SEM, Gmail promotions, direct display and more.

Babbel has a very rich content strategy with a robust online magazine that covers languages and language learning in a fun, approachable way. Content is an important acquisition tool for Babbel, driving over 100,000 leads per month. This strategy allows Babbel to interact in a humorous yet meaningful fashion with consumers, giving them much more information about how Babbel teaches languages than other advertising formats.

Taboola Drives 22% Of New Content Marketing Leads

In order to make the most of their content marketing efforts, Babbel works with Taboola to distribute their content to the audiences most likely to convert into paying customers. Taboola drives over 20% of their content marketing customer acquisition and works well for a variety of reasons:

1. The CPC - Discovery CPC is less expensive than more traditional online marketing channels like search.

2. Transparency - Taboola has a number of advantages over other platforms that Babbel uses for content distribution, primarily the level of transparency. Taboola’s platform allows Babbel to understand which content converts from which types of traffic, so they can then optimize based upon that data. Poorly performing publishers can be excluded and distinct campaigns can be created for particular target groups.

3. CPA Tracking - Taboola’s algorithms optimize for conversions using Babbel’s CPA tracking code, targeting the right consumers and allowing for ROI measurement.

4. Ripple Effect - Content distribution on Taboola can generate subsequent gains in the organic reach of articles, increasing the likelihood that promoted items will be shared via other social channels such as Facebook or email.

5. Multiple Optimizations - Taboola’s platform allows Babbel the opportunity to optimize campaigns based on content, image, and headline. Babbel typically runs variations of headlines and images for each piece of content.