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Life-saving service design wins Gold Award at iF Design Awards

by Reka Kosik

3 April 2020 15:24pm

A service design to fight hospital-acquired infections—dreamed up by Supercharge—won the Gold Award at the internationally renowned iF Design Awards. For HandInScan—a scanner advocating proper hand hygiene—Supercharge’s team envisioned a motivational framework coupled with a distinctive visual design to successfully decrease the number of hospital-acquired infections. The new service design accompanying the RedDot-winning scanner was chosen from among 7.300 international contestants.

The innovative HandinScan product service provides an analysis tool for monitoring hand hygiene in health service environments. This service design approach helps users check the efficacy of their handwashing techniques in a playful manner. A clever tool for improving hand hygiene of hospital or lab staff!

~Gold Statement From iF's International Jury

“We knew that HandInScan’s product had the capacity to effectively battle hospital-acquired infections that lead to almost 150.000 deaths annually in Europe. However, we also knew that in order to make a real impact, we needed to convince hospital staff to incorporate the use of the scanner into their routine. We had to find a way to make them see hand disinfection not as a boring protocol, but as a fun experience—and we could use only the scanner’s digital display to achieve that. Instead of being saddled with the burden of a quick hand wash, they would go on disinfecting their hands thoroughly while being motivated to master the right process and make it part of their routine,” said Bence Lukács, the project’s UX lead.

Supercharge’s team discovered the solution in the power of gamification.

“Our aim was to create a fun, visually convincing framework that would provide a straightforward guide to users during every second of their learning period and encourage hospital staff to do better every day. Training experiences show that a proper hand disinfection routine is formed only after several weeks of daily practice with the scanner. And every single time, hospital employees need to get feedback on how to further perfect their technique. To be able to do this, we needed a little extra help,” confided Bence Lukács.

Help arrived in the form of Dr Ernest Ermine—a mascot. As the protagonist of the design’s narrative, he constantly provides personalised suggestions for each employee on how to improve their hand disinfection technique.

“Channelling the power of gamification, users with proper hand hygiene are rewarded with so-called Semmelweis points. Besides further enhancing the experience of scanning one’s hands, this point system also enables designated hospital personnel to follow the improvement of disinfection practices on an individual or institutional level through a reporting scheme,” explained the UX lead behind the award-winning service design.


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