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Personalisation: Essential or Critically Essential?

by Ashley Hoare

October 28, 2021

On our journey to find the pinnacle of ecommerce solutions for our customers, we discover products and platforms that provide personalisation and marketing using behavioural data. We take a look at what is essential for the future of ecommerce and how we can harness a world of data to make online shopping experiences near-perfect.

The digital commerce arena is moving at an incredible pace and is seeing record-high levels of investment. There’s a new online shopper in town - one that wants to see the products they like, when they like, without having to go and search for them. To understand and keep up with this new generation of online shoppers, and new trends as they break, we need access to real-time behavioural data.

Meteoric growth is being achieved by the businesses who are focussed on personalising their marketing. Fueled by real-time insights from AI, the very best in ecommerce deliver an unrivalled user experience - one that serves the customers needs, instantaneously. It is this experience that fuses a connection between brand and audience, leading to higher rates of conversion and spend, as well as increased brand loyalty, engagement and trust. Once a consumer trusts a brand, it will turn to the brand for ideas, and rely on its recommendations.

There are waves of products and services flooding the market to help drive personalisation and recommendations. How they optimise the behavioural data denotes their worth. To help businesses realise the conversion and uplift they strive for requires a personalised approach. Each customer needs a personalised online shopping experience - this approach is the equivalent of a personal assistant or stylist in a retail store.

We work with a number of different platforms and partners across the industry and we are searching for one that is taking personalisation to the next level. A platform that focuses on the incredible data that can be tracked and recorded, and then uses this data to enrich and automate all areas of marketing.

During this search we discovered Recommend. What impresses us about Recommend is its data-driven functionality and how it is also a marketing automation tool, which makes the most of the data it collects. It has a suite of tools that work together to help grow ecommerce businesses by using the data to optimise website performance and targeted marketing.

Recommend offers product recommendations, email campaigns, automated campaigns, product merchandising, and also has visual search capability, all using behavioural data. Essentially, it uses its audience to track what the user trends are, driving the marketing automation and product personalisation, while fine-tuning the businesses marketing and merchandising strategy. It also improves email and smart campaign delivery by using the AI to decide which notifications to send, and when, based on customer behaviour, device and location. It solves ecommerce challenges at the same time as being highly personal. For us, it offers a holistic, data-driven marketing solution like no other.

By adding personalisation, ecommerce businesses are better placed to understand the needs, values and motivation of their customers and the future shoppers. We will continue to work with our clients to find the right platform for them to reach their growth objectives.


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