Reaching over 15 Million new students using Facebook

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Analysis showed that Durex’s 18-24-year-old audience was in decline YoY

This is a key demographic that Durex needed to reengage, so Summit started working with Durex on a targeted student campaign at the end of 2019. The aim was to reengage and increase the previously declining student audience which is a key part of their lifelong customer value model. Using targeted Facebook ads, we were able to reach 15 million new students from across Europe driving 10.4K sales and £159K in extra revenue.

Our history with Durex

We began working with Reckitt Benckiser in 2013 with the overall objective of supporting them in selling their products directly to consumers rather than through third party suppliers. In 2014 we successfully launched D2C activity for Durex in the UK and K-Y in the US and managed this moving forward. The Summit team has worked across several of the Reckitt Benckiser brands in the US and across Europe, such as Amope, Schiff and Veet, particularly focusing on multichannel digital activity and trading support.

Our objective

After undertaking site analysis, it was recognised that Durex’s 18-24 demographic was in decline YoY. This customer segment is key in Durex’s lifelong customer value model to ensure we engage and address the point of market entry audience. Our aim was to reengage the 18-25 demographic and keep them engaged using a creative strategy to ensure they were not lost to competitors.

Understanding the audience

Understanding where the target audience spent most of their time was essential. Using audience insights, Facebook was identified as the most relevant, data-rich platform to reach the 18-24-year-old demographic. We then used audience data to identify other customer interests and discovered a large proportion of this demographic went to university and had student-related interests, such as student saving sites, university societies etc.. These findings led us to a student focused campaign to align with the start of a new term. In order to ensure the utmost success, we also combined these interests with existing audience lists including basket abandoners, audience lookalikes and new customers.

What did we do?

Initially we trialled different offers and creatives in the UK to see which the 18-24 demographic engaged with best. Using this information, we then launched a further campaign across the UK, using the best performing offer and ad creative to encourage click through to site and increased chance of purchase. We then used the data from UK creatives, audience and insights to launch in Spain, France and Germany with equalled success.

Our results

Our creative strategy to reengage Durex’s young student audience used Facebook to generate over 15million impressions and 10.4K sales.
- Drove 68,000 leads
- £1.15 cost per lead vs the £2 max threshold
- Generated 10.4k sales
- Drove over 15million impressions
- Drove 200,000 clicks to site
- Generated £159k revenue at an efficient £1.95 ROAS
- Higher than average CTR of 1.1%

“Summit were able to identify a clear business challenge through data analysis and we worked collaboratively to develop a strategy in response to this. Throughout the project Summit demonstrated strong knowledge of both our customers and objectives which was reflected in performance exceeding expectations. We were impressed by the performance and happy to scale the strategy to new brands and territories where we worked collaboratively to maximise performance, succeeding in improving engagement of 18-25-year olds. We are excited to work with Summit to expand this further moving forwards.”

~Imteaz Ahamed, Global Digital Sales Manager