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Liverpool Chamber of Commerce announces strategic partnership with Mashbo

21 November 2018 9:41am

The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce has announced its latest strategic partnership, with software development consultancy, Mashbo.

Mashbo has committed to working in partnership with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce to provide a programme of digital consultancy, insight and thought leadership for the city’s business community.

Joining the Chamber’s impressive roster of strategic partners, Mashbo will take a leading role in the development of knowledge transfer and advocacy activity.

The team will also be instrumental in advising the Chamber on the creation of engaging and accessible content, which will be designed to supercharge the digital potential of enterprises in the city.

The partnership commencement coincides with Mashbo’s celebration of its seventh birthday and its success at the recent Chamber of Commerce business awards where it won the Digital & Technology award.

Gavin Sherratt, MD of Mashbo, said: “Mashbo has always been focused on supporting the wider business community in the city and this new partnership will allow us to not only to help the Chamber to use technology to enhance its services and streamline its organisational processes, but also pass on those benefits to Chamber members.

“We’re looking forward to working with Paul and his dynamic team and develop the Chamber’s digital offering. We aim to change the way members and other stakeholders engage with the organisation, building on strong foundations and elevating the excellent work that it already does connecting businesses in the region and beyond.”

Paul Cherpeau, CEO of the Chamber, commented: “Mashbo bring an exciting and dynamic element to the Chamber network. Their expertise is outstanding but so too is the ethos and the values that Gavin and his team imbue and can bring to our business association.

“We are blessed with outstanding digital expertise and talent throughout the Chamber network. Mashbo will help us to harness such expertise for the benefit of the city and our determination to champion this strength on behalf of the city.”


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