The Tennis Foundation

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The Tennis Foundation is Great Britain’s leading tennis charity

They believe anybody can play tennis, regardless of their background, age, size or ability. The Tennis Foundation’s main aim is to make it possible for all sorts of people to pick up a racket and take up the sport; even those people who never dreamt that tennis was for them, and especially those who don’t normally get the chance to follow their dreams.

The project brief

The Tennis Foundation is Britain’s leading tennis charity and they work very closely with the Lawn Tennis Association. Previously, it was becoming hard to differentiate the work that The Tennis Foundation do and the events that the Lawn and Tennis Association hold from that of the Lawn Tennis Foundation.

As a result, The Tennis Foundation wanted to showcase their hard work with their own branding and dedicated charity website. We worked collaboratively on this project with our friends at Now.

Rebranding & digital

Now handled the design of their new branding, while we were responsible for designing the new website. The main focus of the brand refresh was to change perceptions around tennis and see it as an open, all-inclusive, fun game that anyone can play, no matter what there physical ability.

This was done through an inclusion of the recognisable tennis court structure throughout their designs, but also opening up the game of tennis and the rules that run alongside it through clever wordplay and structure.

For the digital part of the project, The Tennis Foundation wanted to highlight 3 key areas:

  • Play Tennis

Highlight that Tennis really is a sport that anyone can play. It can be adapted for any level of ability, from complete novice up to star athlete. The Tennis Foundation want to encourage anyone and everyone to get involved with the sport; this is the place to find out how!

  • Discover Tennis

Emphasise how beneficial Tennis can be within the Education system. It’s a game for all ages, abilities and genders, and The Tennis Foundation can provide teachers with all the support, resources and equipment they need to encourage students to get involved with the sport.

  • Drive Tennis

Encourage anyone who is interested in the sport to get involved. It could be that you are interested in training to become a coach, work with disabled players, or even run a venue that could provide a place for people to play the wonderful game; the ‘Drive Tennis’ area is where you could truly help your wider community.

From these core values, it was evident to us that The Tennis foundation were truly passionate about getting their message across in a consistent and bonafide manner: Tennis is not only a great way to get fit, meet new friends and have fun, but it also has the potential power to transform people’s lives and open their eyes to something they never thought could be accessible to them. Strawberrysoup could not wait to create a solution for them.

What we did

We understood that The Tennis Foundation want to encourage anyone and anybody to play tennis, including those who may have a learning disability, visual or hearing impairment.

We suggested that the website needed to be fully accessible and eligible by all, so functionalities such as enlarging the font sizes, changing the saturation and contrast were crucial, to ensure that The Tennis Foundation’s website was easily read on all desktops, tablets, mobiles and reading devices.

The use of an interactive map was also suggested for the website, allowing users to find a venue where they could get involved with the sport. The map searches your area, through postcode and then filters the results according to the user’s need; this could be an impairment, disability or making sure that you are headed to a completely inclusive venue.

Accessible for all

It was also important to ensure that we were hitting the correct note with how The Tennis Foundation wanted to present themselves on the website. The content needed to be encouraging people to get involved with Tennis in some capacity, but also sensitive to terminologies of all backgrounds, communities, impairments and disabilities.

As The Tennis Foundation host a number of World Class Events also, including the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters and the British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships, it was important that the website resonated with both these Professional sportsmen and women, as well as children, students and anyone who wants to start getting involved with the Sport.

Application of their brand across digital

The Tennis Foundation’s online personality and rebrand needed to be different from their long-standing partners, yet also in keeping with the offline branding. Throughout the site, Strawberrysoup were mindful of how The Tennis Foundation has set themselves apart through a clear and concise website navigation. Throughout the website, it was vital that information behind the donations, resource and also sponsorship was extremely clear to the user, and also that this information was found easily and comprehensively.

Comprehensive cross-device resource

The Tennis Foundation’s new website is fully responsive. It is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to play, or simply get involved with the sport, from any ability, age, gender or capability and actively encourages everybody to do so. It is also the online hub for all information in regards to sponsorship, donations and support.

The website, functionalities and requirements were all delivered to within the deadline agreed, cohering to the schedule for the website and rebrand launch efforts.