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SmartLeaf is a new method of salad preparation

One that derives from baby leaf experts providing many ranges of salad leaves for supermarkets and grocery providers. After noticing that perhaps traditional methods of salad preparation may not be the best way of preparing specifically delicate baby leaves, the baby leaf experts took it upon themselves to innovate and create a new way of washing those leaves; the SmartLeaf Method was born.

The SmartLeaf method encompasses all of the expert knowledge that goes into growing, caring for and producing leaves that are of great quality for the consumer. Inspired by the early morning dew, the SmartLeaf method is extremely gentle, using an electrically charged mist that delicately cleanses the leaves and removes bacteria.

By using the SmartLeaf method, these baby leaves could be fresher for longer, be fully ridden of bacteria and therefore be of better quality for the customer. SmartLeaf wanted to create a website that showcased this new method of washing baby leaves, in a creative way that matched the innovation behind the new method of washing, as well as going against the grain of other, traditional and straight laced competitor websites.

The Project Brief:

Strawberrysoup knew that we had to come up with a design that was not only innovative in terms of creativity, but also in terms of how it interacts with the user. This website had to tell a story; it needed to actively engage the user, whilst also supporting the current marketing activity and be the place where people could be sent to understand more information about the new SmartLeaf method.

The whole SmartLeaf method was explained to our designers, starting from the origins of the leaves; how they were harvested and misted, until they were carefully packaged for sale. Each of these stages were sketched out from start to finish, and with the hand rendered illustrations needed to be created under a tight deadline, it was also imperative that no changes after the illustrations were made had to occur.

The animation was then considered to showcase these stages further. It was imperative that these animations truly showcased the images in a non-gimmicky way, ensuring that the illustrations surrounding the stages were flowing with the narrative in a linear and sincere fashion.

Bringing these illustrations into life required a collaborative effort from the Strawberrysoup Developers too. The Developers had to present each illustrated element with a different animation, ensuring that they moved responsively and scroll fluently. It was great using parallax on both mobile and tablet devices too. The user experience is consistent, no matter what device is used to access the site.

The Solution:

Strawberrysoup created a beautiful, hand-rendered and robust one-page microsite for SmartLeaf; the website was built in WordPress, so that further content can be added to the website to mirror the growth of the company.

The site presents the full narrative of the SmartLeaf story, setting the innovative method of salad washing apart from what exists at the moment, in an especially creative way. By adding the parallax movement and animation to the page, it brings the page to life and supports the need to tell consumers about the benefits of the SmartLeaf method

“We came to Strawberrysoup with a new technology that will be launched this summer, looking for a one page site to give SmartLeaf some initial web presence. TheStrawberrysoup team worked hard to understand our unique product and came up with a really great, creative parallax site. The final result exceeded our expectationsand the managing of our project was excellent throughout, with great communication and smooth sign offs and launches. We hope that the product will launch successfully and that we will be coming back to Strawberrysoup to expand the one page site into amuch more comprehensive site!” – Jo Phillips, JW European Ltd