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The challenge

The challenge

Many of us remember the excitement of getting our photos back from the printers, eagerly flicking through the prints and sharing them with family and friends.

Fujifilm presented us with the challenge of bringing that feeling back. To unlock the millions of photos on people’s smart phones, Facebook and Instagram feeds and help them re-engage with printed photos via an innovative mini photo book.


Our first step was to create the POP BOOK brand, designed to resonate with the target market. We then designed a mobile app technical architecture that allowed the POP BOOK app to communicate with a Magento ecommerce system and the production facility.

User experience was a key consideration, so we designed and developed the app to allow users to select and edit photos from their camera roll, Facebook or Instagram feeds, and create a POP BOOK in as few taps as possible. The customer can then share their POP BOOK for free on their social networks or order a printed mini photo book.

To help launch POP BOOK we created videos to show how easy it was to use and launched an online PR campaign. A key component of the launch strategy was to collaborate with bloggers and social influencers. We also planned, delivered and optimised media across various mobile app display networks, Google, You Tube, admob, Facebook, Twitter and Apple iAds.


Results from the launch campaign were impressive and the sentiment from customers was very positive. Customers have re-engaged with printed photos.

Our target cost-per-install metric was beaten by over 30%. Optimised channels and creative exceeded a 33% click-to-install rate and a 62% install-to-sale rate.

"Strange have made a complex project straightforward. Not only have they delivered an easy to use app, they’ve also delivered the marketing to support it. We’re delighted with POP BOOK and the results we’ve seen." Russ Gunn - Digital Asset Manager, Fujifilm UK