Chococo goes Magento

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The challenge

The challenge

As one of the UK’s finest artisan chocolatiers, Chococo has won many awards for their innovative, fresh, handmade chocolates made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. We’ve looked after their ecommerce site since 2007.

We were delighted when they asked us to re-launch their ecommerce site on the Magento platform. The key objective was to help modernise their online presence and with a fully responsive ecommerce site.


With a strong working knowledge of their brand, products and business processes, we were able to use our Magento platform expertise to deliver an engaging and feature-rich responsive ecommerce site.

This is no ordinary Magento site, though. Custom features we developed include complex gift logic, allowing customers to order chocolates for delivery to multiple addresses, and advanced production scheduling, allowing the making of chocolates to be coordinated with orders more efficiently.


In the six months post launch, the ecommerce conversion rate increased by 13%, transactions by 22% and revenue by 26% year on year.

Being responsive, the site has seen a 183% increase in revenue from all mobile devices and a 67% increase in the conversion rate from mobiles.

Online is such a critical element to our business model and our new site has delivered many improvements for us. The increase in performance we’ve seen after just a few months is very encouraging. Andy Burnet - Co-founder