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Specsavers keeps eye tests on the to do list this summer with Amazing Sight campaign

by Veronique Rhys Evans

Don’t Miss a Thing this Summer

Specsavers keeps eye tests on the to do list with Amazing Sight campaign

With the country slowly opening up out of lockdown, we are all looking forward to some amazing sights this summer. But despite 42%* of people noticing a change in their eyesight during the pandemic, Specsavers knows that getting an eye test won’t be the first thing we think about doing.

Specsavers’ new campaign, ‘Amazing Sight’, aims to capture the mood of the nation, while fuelling conversation to keep an eye test on that ‘to do’ list. From seeing grandparents and newborns, to clocking eyes on that first pint in the pub, the press, outdoor, radio, social and digital campaign encourages people to book online, so they ‘Don’t miss a thing this summer’.

While press and poster ads hero the things we’ve missed the most, the radio campaign plays out scenarios where people are ‘re-united’ with their favourite sight, including an ode to a freshly pulled pint.

Digital outdoor executions feature a live appointment feed showing daily availability at the nearest store, driving impulse booking and ensuring as many people can be seen as possible. In a previous campaign, this use of first-party data to improve customer experience and deliver value back to the business in the UK during COVID, created a 68% uplift in eye test volume and earned Specsavers and MGOMD a WARC Grand Prix for best use of data in 2020.

A recent Specsavers survey found six in 10 people are eager to enjoy some of life’s simpler pleasures again, as lockdown eases[1]. Social and PR for the new campaign will encourage people to share what they’re most looking forward to seeing, whether it’s family, holidays or sport, to be entered into a prize draw.

Chris Carter, UK Marketing Director said, “Amazing Sight was borne out of consumer insight gathered by our social listening and insight teams throughout lockdown. The Agency has done a fantastic job in capturing the national sentiment with the simplicity of this idea.”

Marco Bezerra, Head of Creative Design in The Agency said, “Our challenge was to capture imagery that evokes the same emotions our audience will have in those scenarios. We’re really happy with how the idea has come to life.”

Amazing Sight will run until 25th of April. It was created in house by The Agency. Media planning and buying was by MGOMD.

*Specsavers Customer Panel Jan 2021

[1] Research of 2,000 UK adults by OnePoll (March 10-15)


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