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No7 Range

by Andrea Palmer-Gray

We’ve been working with Boots on the structural development, print innovation, and manufacture of their Christmas gifting ranges since 2014. But recognising Spark’s upstream capabilities, and the time and cost benefits of our fully connected approach to design, develop and deliver packaging, we have now established a much more integrated and streamlined partnership that starts at the trend analysis and concept design stage and flows all the way through structural development and finishes, design execution, artwork management and onto print and marketing activation.

Filling the gap

In between structural innovation and printing, Boots traditionally asked several separate agencies to produce the design and artwork files for their packaging. Workflows were slow and disjointed, and Boots themselves had to mediate the links between everyone involved, and safeguard the integrity and consistency of their brands.

For their No7 Christmas 2019 gift ranges, we’re providing full creative services, alongside their lead concept agency, managing design execution and implementation, brand oversight, 3D CGI rendering, proofing and mock ups, artwork production as well as structure and printing. Now, everyone involved in the packaging is under one roof, eliminating the need to work around multiple handoffs. With connected teams from one agency, communication is clear, setup is far more responsive and the entire workflow is more efficient, saving Boots money and time spent on admin and supplier management – time they can spend on consumer insight and innovation.

An ever-growing partnership

With each new launch, our solutions for Boots are optimised and expanded and our relationship deepened. We’re continuing to strengthen our end-to-end brand launch programme with the flagship No7 brand…and with Spark’s strengths extending beyond packaging to marketing activation and retail theatre, the scope for our partnership across the Boots brands – and with Walgreens in the US – is almost unlimited.

Guaranteeing brand consistency

Our ‘Brand Guardian’ model monitors projects ‘from idea to shelf’. This approach brings specialist functions such as sustainable material supply, under the same umbrella, and means clients don’t have to co-ordinate links between their suppliers. Where preferred, they still have the freedom to mix and match agencies for each job. The Brand Guardian model is already in place and streamlining Boots’ workflow for No7.

This end-to-end partnership is a true step change for a major consumer brand. Until now, only niche players could realistically hope to work with just one provider for all aspects of packaging design and printing. By offering clients everything they need to take a package from concept to shelf, we’re setting a new best practice in agency leadership.


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