Parfum Muse ROI Optimisation

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Parfum Muse is an online retailer specialising in luxury fragrance, home fragrance as well as bath and body products

Their products are premium and niche - you wouldn’t find many of their fragrances at an ordinary high street perfume shop!

They also have a concierge service, offering virtual one-on-one consultations taking customers on an educational and exciting perfume journey to discover their signature scent.

The Challenge

For online fragrance retailer Parfum Muse, Q4 is a critical trading period. In spite of having a very compelling USP in the form of tailored fragrance consultancies for their customers, Q4 is always hugely competitive. Typically this sees bidding costs for performance media and relative keywords sky-rocket not just amongst their nearest competitors but also from department stores and other health and beauty retailers.

As a result our brief was focussed on ROI optimisation at a time when this would be at it’s most challenge, made all the more difficult by our secondary objective of growing their brand recall and CRM audience through an effective sampling campaign. This additional channel and objective would place further strain on available budget, effectively reducing the paid search spend YoY to boot.

Our Solution

Our immediate focus would be to leverage our eCommerce expertise to drive efficiencies across their bottom funnel Paid Search activity. Following an initial audit, the need for a complete account restructure was quickly identified and implemented, along with the addition of shopping campaigns.

With the paid search account upgraded to optimise towards conversions, our team went on to then introduce Google’s Performance Max product. As one of just 3% of agencies to hold Google Premier Partners status, the BETA testing access we’d already benefitted from was leveraged to create multiple asset groups. Based on brand and products these were implemented to using tailored audience signals and creatives to drive performance.

Furthermore, we identified an opportunity to leverage the new brands and products available for the season by adding search-based brand/product campaigns to unlock additional revenue.

With paid search optimised and improved in line with our objectives, our attention could then turn to the objective of growing CRM first-party data and brand engagement.

With sampling as a tactic available to us, social was an obvious channel choice to maximise the lifestyle and brand equity benefits of the fragrance vertical.

Well versed in achieving strong lead gen campaign results, we selected Meta to execute the sampling campaign, with audiences given the choice to fill out the form and opt in to receive marketing comms from Parfum Muse in exchange for a sample of the new Elie Saab Lumiere fragrance.

Fully encrypted entry data was then shared for fulfilment and crucially provide a significant number of new CRM contacts to drive their relationship and passive revenue with, along with the additional benefit of lookalike modelling.

The Results

  • +208% Increase in Paid Search ROAS
  • Paid Search transactions increased by 46% YoY
  • CRM target achieved in just 30% of campaign period

Results have proved impressive, allowing Parfum Muse to scale greater breadth in their marketing thanks to increased ROAS performance unlocking paid search budget to drive incremental opportunities thanks to a reduction in CPC by 63%.

Traffic quality has also been judged as having improved, with overall Google Ads conversion rate reaching 135% for the campaign.

Ultimately Parfum Muse have seen their transactions and revenue grow substantially year on year, allowing the business to achieve more for less and scale their growth both faster and across more channels.