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Songtradr is the world’s largest B2B music company, delivering the only full-stack solution for all business music needs.

We're on a mission to change the music industry for good through technology, creativity, and transparency. Trusted by global businesses, agencies, and labels, our fully integrated products and services help amplify brands while enabling artists and rights holders to realize the full potential of their catalog.

Whether with a classic song or a trending tune, a global music strategy or a sonic identity, we help translate ideas into powerful, ROI-driven solutions to ensure content always hits the right note.

With the acquisition of Big Sync Music in 2019, Song Zu and MassiveMusic in 2021, the Songtradr Group has become the largest network of music specialists for brands and advertising in the world.

Thanks to our combined expertise, we offer a holistic music solution for brands and advertising agencies, ranging from strategizing the use of music and developing sonic identities for brands, to providing music creative, selection, and custom music creation, through to the negotiation and procurement of global hit songs for major advertising campaigns.

Our approach balances the creative process with data-informed decisions providing clients with music-optimized content.
Founded 2014
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