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Loving to share the love

23 February 2020 16:31pm

Romance may be blossoming in the month of February with Valentine’s being celebrated by loved ones across the nation, but it’s not all cards and candy here at SO Marketing. We have been sharing the love throughout our fifteen years in business in other ways…

Our creative minds are always busy crafting new ideas, projects and solutions for clients throughout the UK, so when we get the opportunity to turn our attention to those charitable causes, desperately in need of monetary, material or physical support, it’s a fantastic opportunity of our team to embrace. Not only does it mean our minds are taken away from the stresses and strains of a hectic office environment, but it means we are putting our work ethic, creative thinking and efficiency to those really in need.

One of the areas we are incredibly proud of in our voluntary sector of our CSR objectives is our sponsorship of the Business Contribution to Communities award at the Support Staffordshire Volunteer Star Awards. This recognises a business that encourages, provides and/or supports its workers to volunteer in the community, provide expertise and support for local groups or supports much needed work for local organisations. Our sponsorship of this award is our way of saying thank you to local businesses who go that extra mile for those in need and help boost the place we call home into a welcoming, inclusive and supportive place to live and work.

But of course, like all good relationships, our love doesn’t just stop when Valentine’s Day isn’t in sight! Every Christmas we do a huge drive in the community for The Alice Charity. This appeal sees us working with other local business owners and people in the community to collect as many Christmas presents are possible for children and young people who may otherwise go without on the big day. The whole team at SO Marketing holds family very close to our hearts, so this appeal means so much to us at a time of year when having someone or something special to treasure is even more precious.

Alongside these two big events we are proud to support Stoke FIT running club, and Leek and Meerbrook Marathons. These are areas we really enjoy being involved with. As techies, creatives and content creators we spend much of our day huddled over our desks and computers, so we truly appreciate the importance having a physical outlet and local clubs to facilitate this in the community. After all, if we are physically AND mentally fit, that makes for an even more productive workforce and wider community!

At SO Marketing, we truly do cherish our corporate social responsibility aims and take our position in the community very seriously. Our ability to help, support and encourage our community in a variety of ways enables us to be better creatives, better businesspeople and an overall more inclusive, forward-thinking and empathetic company, not just locally, but on a national scale.

So, thank you to those communities and organisations that allow us and invite us to be involved and support your causes. Here’s so many more exciting and enthusiastic years of community involvement to follow!


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