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How we're handling the Covid-19 Situation

23 March 2020 16:13pm

So here's what we are doing in this very difficult time to help our clients, and also our own business to get through it.

1. This is a big offer to anyone we know. If you have a Wordpress website, whether you got it from us, didn't get it from us, used to pay us for something, currently pay us for something, and you need help with it. To keep it online, fix any problems causing issues with your e-commerce right now, or just need some advice. Please just email and we will look at any issues free of charge to help out and try and keep you trading. No later obligations, just us using our developer team who are currently working from home to help out.

2. We understand that a business has lots of other businesses who are sub contracted to work for us, from cleaners to gardeners, occasional freelancers etc. We are committing to pay all of our associated businesses on time, in full with no delays, and to keep using them for work throughout this period as it's important that everyone has continued business.

3. We have implemented full working from home for all of the team to help them stay safe, this may well be leading to adjustments of working hours, but the team are available by every method we can to be able to be reached.

4. We are taking a proactive approach to using the help that is available for the business from Government to make sure that we still have a viable business with the team that we have at the end of this. Protecting our employee's incomes and lives is the most important factor for us right now and to that end we are actively in discussions with our bank about ensuring that we have the finance in place to see us through the next 4-5 months and come out the other side in a stronger position than when we went into it.

5. Staying positive. We believe that it is really important to stay positive during this time, the UK Economy is fundamentally in a very strong position, and this crisis might mean that companies make some adjustments to make themselves more stable / profitable in the short term but in the long term this will only give them more confidence to invest in creating lots of new business. For any businesses who will want to be generating new inbound leads, we will be there at the end of this to help with that growth and to help market your way out of any situation you end up in.

6. We believe that we have the best team in the industry right now, dedicated, committed to helping our customers and business thrive and with no intentions at all of going anywhere. We've been here for 15 years, thrived through the financial crisis and intend to be around for the next 15 years and beyond. We will do everything we can to make sure that our customers are too.