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Partners in Crime

As we’ve now been in business over 15 years, we’ve been able to work in such a great variety of industries. From designing new websites for famous brands through to creating branding for new and exciting enterprises working with us to start their journey.

In some cases, they are part of industries we are familiar with and have even worked in ourselves so have great insight into how the digital design concepts would work for them. Then in some instances, they are brand new to us! Whilst this seems like a rather nerve-wracking prospect on the surface, it’s actually a very exciting adventure for us as creatives! It means trying out new ideas, testing our abilities and really putting our skills to the test.

This scenario was the case too when we began designing the website for our new client Capital Crime…


Capital Crime was a new and exciting festival event taking place for the first time in 2019. It was set up by a well-known crime writer to be a new player in the crime writing festival market. This event had great backing from known authors in the sector and the festival was a fresh approach to this market done from the perspective of people who write in it.

As this was a new client for us, and a new area of work, we spent time getting to know the client and really understand the marketplace. Only when we can truly understand and appreciate the marketplace from the perspective of those that work in it and those that are the target market of it, can we fully commit our creative ideas to design great content.

As a research stage develops with a project like this, it really starts to spark the creativity of our digital team and we can begin to see our ideas come to life.

The Challenge.

Of course the main challenge with this project was the fact it was a new market to us. But honestly, we didn’t actually see it as a challenge it all! It presented our whole team with an opportunity. An opportunity to learn about a new industry and get our teeth stuck into something brand new – And what creative doesn’t embrace that with gusto?

We spent time researching competitors in this market to determine what other people were doing. We then began to generate ideas and a bespoke solution that fit a number of advanced criteria including the ability for new authors to showcase their work and get scored by visitors to the event.

The Outcome.

For Capital Crime, we created a bespoke website design that includes many advanced features, fully editable by our client. The website includes e-commerce functionality to allow users to buy tickets to the festival, as well as lots of advanced functionality so that the website can develop as the client develops the business and as the date of the event gets closer. This is now a platform that can be used each year as the date of the event changes, and as event guests and programmes change.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and working with a client and industry that was new to us. It meant our team had to think outside the box and push boundaries with their creativity and what they thought their capabilities could deliver. This challenge has made our team even stronger and even hungrier for fresh new clients to come along.

And to put the cherry on the cake, we are now working on a second project with the client to showcase the success of the first event with videos, interviews and content from the festival.

So our adventure into crime fiction continues!


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Capital Crime