Autobrite Direct

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Autobrite Direct is a growing business with worldwide credentials, offering a comprehensive range of bespoke car care products to suit both the retail and trade sectors

The products are well known throughout the car detailing industry on a worldwide scale.

A well respected provider of a variety of valeting services, Autobrite Direct also offers a huge range of training courses to allow car detailing enthusiasts to gain industry leading product and detailing knowledge at their Staffordshire headquarters. Long standing relationships with stockists, approved detailers and franchise opportunities enabled the Autobrite Direct brand to become a nationwide favourite for all car enthusiasts.

Amassing a huge following over the 15 years in trade, Autobrite Direct values its customer base and constantly strives to create a great user experience for its community. With an original take simplifying its extensive range of products, Autobrite Direct has a simple “6 steps of detailing” framework providing information to the customer.

Demand for products is high with lots of repeat purchases, so Autobrite Direct offers a popular loyalty points system that customers can take advantage of. Creating an immersive experience for its customers to engage with, Autobrite Direct shares social media content to its online community regularly.

Date Launched: June 2020

Key Deliverables:


• Woocommerce website design and development

• Migration from a bespoke platform to woocommerce so it’s easier for site admin

• Product label design and print

• Range of different products

• New product design concepts

• Print for merchandise and clothing

• Ongoing web support and site management

• Social media designs

• Content creation

• Campaign content creation

• Newsletters

• Sales - campaign support

Key Stats:

• Over 100,000 new visitors to the site

• Almost 2 Million page views

• Over 15,000 orders in a short window of time

SEO Handover

During the migration from a custom shop solution to WooCommerce, we completed a SEO handover which ensured that Autobrite didn’t lose a single ranking position on Google. With over 40% of customers finding the website by organic search, it was important to get this right. Now platformed on a WordPress CMS, the new website is fully optimized for SEO going forward to improve rankings even further.

WooCommerce Website Design and Development

Migrating from a bespoke platform that was hard to manage, the new website admin needed to be user friendly inorder to help the business scale. Autobrite wanted a website admin system that would allow them to easily manage their online stores and amazon integration, track all orders in one place and engage with different customer profiles. The WooCommerce dashboard allows Autobrite to see the sales figures, orders and stock easily.

Product Label Design and Print

Following the “6 steps to detailing” product positioning, we designed labels to fit in with each step, making it clear for the customer about how to use the product. Following the Autobrite Direct brand guidelines, the labels visually show which step the product belongs to through use of colour and positioning. Labels were designed to fit a range of product shapes.


"SO Marketing is an amazing team of highly skilled individuals. Their ability to listen and interpret what a company needs is outstanding. We have worked closely with them for over a year now and class them as friends. We would highly recommend them to any business small or large!" - Jill Moss