A high-tech rebrand for iMerit Technology

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In need of a rebrand that showcased their high quality and specialties, we worked to shed misconceptions with a utilitarian rebrand and brand new website for iMerit

The rebrand reflects quality, high-tech specialization in data annotation across key verticals like autonomous tech, AI, and geospatial intelligence.

The Challenge -

Over iMerit’s lifetime, the company has evolved and the brand needed to better reflect its progression to its position as an international market leader in AI data annotation. The rebrand needed to shed misconceptions and highlight the iMerit reality of their high-tech identity and core brand attributes – security, expertise, and flexibility.

The Approach -

The utilitarian rebrand started with getting to know the company and people. By understanding the company, mission, and vision, we are able to choose the creative elements that support that. After interviews and workshops, we shaped the bold brand with a detailed, lively site filled with flexible UI and cutting-edge design.

We used bold shapes, colors, and animations to give movement, provide wayfinding, and create a brand that wasn’t predictable or conventional but brave and innovative. You’ll see gold ratio circles, line shapes, grids, and more that speak to the company’s technology and mathematical accuracy. Secondary imagery highlights iMerit’s focus on people and quality workforce to share the balance between expert technology and expert employees.

The result –

By rebranding, we were able to create a refined brand strategy and expression to illustrate where iMerit is now and where they are going in the future. The website is filled with fresh copy, content, and design that shows the flexible, dynamic, and bold new iMerit. The website can also now be used as a valuable sales tool for the iMerit team to share previous successes and future possibilities. Overall, the brand development repositioned iMerit in a way they wanted to be seen – as a strategic partner and expert for AI initiatives globally.

Check out their new site here at www.imerit.net

“The design team Sköna assembled to reimagine and recreate the iMerit website was among the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The team brought a host of concepts to the process and the know-how to flawlessly execute against an entirely different and more visionary turn of mind. The team at Sköna not only made me look good, they made me perform better.”

~Mark Papia, Director of Content & Communications, iMerit