SGK Anthem Amsterdam & Brussels team recognised with four impressive wins at the 2020 Pentawards

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This year's Pentawards Gala Ceremony was held online — allowing a far greater number of agencies, freelancers and students from all corners of the globe to join together in celebration of the fantastic creativity within the industry

As part of the line-up of winners and one of only a handful of agencies to secure four or more awards, SGK Anthem’s Amsterdam and Brussels team have been celebrating their four impressive wins.

SGK Anthem picked up Silver for its packaging design for Jonah’s and Bronze for Oxo, Green Rebels United and Second Life Tea. All four designs seek to respond to a need not currently met in the market and/or offer a more unique and surprising packaging solution for a staple product. Each design is based on a strong insight and collectively challenge cross-category norms to bring fresh visions.

Green Rebels United is a conceptual packaging design of 100% traceable and 100% sustainable chocolate. The concept design is on a mission to do-away with half measures, to put sustainability at the very heart of the brand and in every aspect of its packaging design; to authentically call on consumers to unite and, together, to take one step to a better world.

Second Life Tea is a conceptual packaging design for a reusable, multi-purpose tea. The strategy behind the concept was driven by a desire to tackle the increasing volumes of food waste; to encourage consumers to think creatively about how to extend the life of their products and indeed, explore additional product functions. The ambition was to use packaging to help inform and inspire consumers with ways to limit their food waste by extending product roles and providing additional product benefits.

SGK Anthem Designer Lauren Fillols comments;

"The Pentawards competition is a brilliant opportunity to think and design outside the box. When it comes to design for innovation, if people aren’t calling you crazy then you’re not thinking big enough."

Oxo is a conceptual packaging design for foldable sunglasses, a design where form follows function in perfect synchronicity. The design was inspired by an ardent belief in the art and impact of brand and design storytelling; that by truly integrating 2D and 3D design, brands can optimise consumer engagement in far more powerful ways.

Jonah’s is a conceptual packaging design for frozen fish bites, a design for the modern parental purchaser and the modern child consumer. The packaging silhouette, reminiscent of a fish tale, guarantees stand out on shelf and also serves as an engaging design cue for children - while educating them about where their food comes from or by simply inviting them to become part of the shopping selection process.

SGK Anthem Associate Creative Director Chantal Roberti comments;

"It's very exciting to have our work recognised in this way by the industry and a true compliment to both us as individual designers as well our agency as we come together to challenge the status quo of different categories.

The key to effective design is to help elevate the brand experience, to deliver added value and of course to help the brand stand out from the crowd on the path to purchase. In order to achieve this, packaging design needs to communicate a story - a narrative that will engage consumers in a unique and special way. This challenge often begins by identifying the pain points through the shopper journey, reading between the lines of the brief and immersing ourselves into the mindset of the consumer. Complex problems can often be solved with simple solutions and simplifying the design can often amplify the impact.

Winning a Pentaward is of course about far more than celebrating outstanding design; it’s an excellent platform to showcase the talent within the team, to help inspire designers including myself and to help encourage our clients to be brave in taking more creative leaps - to ensure their packaging design is more individualistic and serves as an ownable brand asset."

Get in touch for the insights and stories behind all four award-winning designs or check out our Case Study page for more info.