Second Life Tea Conceptual Packaging Design, Pentawards 2020 Bronze Winner

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Second Life Tea is a conceptual packaging design for a reusable, multi-purpose tea

The strategy behind the concept was driven by a desire to tackle the increasing volumes of food waste; to encourage consumers to think creatively about how to extend the life of their products and indeed explore additional product functions. The ambition was to use packaging to help inform and inspire consumers with ways to limit their food waste by extending product roles and providing additional product benefits.

The brand name sends a clear message to consumers, serving as a potent call to action as well as communicating the brands core message of sustainability - providing flexibility to extend into additional product ranges and categories with ease (Second Life Coffee etc).

Creative graphic illustrations on front of pack help to communicate the intended secondary use of the product in a fun and playful way, ensuring the brand is approachable and the messaging friendly; the brand seeks to inform, not to preach. The back of pack design expands on the secondary life of the product with clear guidelines for use.

Using bright and bold colours on pack to ensure stand out on shelf, the design is unique to the category - purposely avoiding traditional cues and codes to help establish and own a unique segment.

The structure of the packaging design is made from a simple aluminium tin with a paper wrap around and wooden lid, all materials are recyclable and in line with the brands core positioning. The packaging format can also be easily re-used to extend it’s own life, either to refill or for additional storage in the kitchen.

Second Life Tea was awarded Bronze in the 2020 Pentawards global packaging design competition.

Credits - Lauren Fillols, Designer