Oxo Conceptual Packaging Design, Pentawards 2020 Bronze Winner

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Oxo is a conceptual packaging design for foldable sunglasses, a design where form follows function in perfect synchronicity

This conceptual design was inspired by an ardent belief in the art and impact of brand and design storytelling; that by truly integrating 2D and 3D design, brands can optimise consumer engagement in far more powerful ways. Building on these core principles, the design objectives were to create a packaging design for foldable sunglasses that was original, innovative and desirable. The mission was to achieve maximum stand-out while being considerate of efficient use of materials in aid of meeting sustainability targets.

The emotionally engaging jigsaw aspect of both the structural design and product photography on pack serves as a subtle nudge towards the modernist architectural principles that inspired the design strategy. It also adds a somewhat lighthearted and approachable tone to the brand personality, balanced effectively with the use of modern pastel colours and overall premium design execution.

Oxo’s ‘L’ shaped structure mimics the folding product benefit, helping to communicate the story of both brand and product. The structural packaging form also adds value when displayed in store - both in terms of aesthetics and space saving initiatives.

The smart design of the reversible brand logo further helps communicate the intended maxim as symbols of glass frame, folding aspect, glass frame - incorporating the slight hint of the frame at the sides of the ‘O’.

Oxo conceptual design intentionally casts aside superfluous decorative elements and instead focuses on purity, providing an iconic packaging design solution. Both practical and beautiful, Oxo is artistically considered in all aspects.

Oxo was awarded Bronze in the 2020 Pentawards global packaging design competition.

Credits - Chantal Roberti, Associate Creative Director