Jonah’s Conceptual Packaging Design, Pentawards 2020 Silver Winner

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Jonah’s is a conceptual packaging design for frozen fish bites, a design for the modern parental purchaser and the modern child consumer

Let’s set the scene.

You’re on the weekly supermarket run, kids in tow and you’re on your last legs. Having navigated the whole store, mentally planning healthy meals while trying to prevent your little ones filling the trolley with enough sugary snacks to sink a small ship, you enter the last leg of the marathon - the frozen aisle. A perpetual sea of sameness stares back at you and you sigh in resignation, there’s zero hope of engaging your kids any longer and you hurriedly grab a vaguely familiar pack of frozen fish fingers. Which brand? Who knows - they all look the same.

To combat this culturally wide sense of malaise, Jonah’s is designed to stand out from the crowd - a design to emotionally engage both adults and children alike.

The brand name takes inspiration from the Hebrew prophet who, as the story goes, was thrown overboard in a storm and promptly swallowed by a great fish. While there is no desire to add any specific religious overtones to the brand, the storytelling potential in association with this name is very rich, allowing the brand to engage with users in new ways across other touch-points.

The packaging silhouette, reminiscent of a fish tale, guarantees stand out on shelf and also serves as an engaging design cue for children - when educating them about where their food comes from or by simply inviting them to become part of the shopping selection process.

The graphic design further mimics the shape of a fish with the brightly coloured mouth leading the eye to both the brand name and product variant. Both 3D and 2D design create an engaging brand experience enhanced by the brands friendly, fun and playful personality. A contemporary packaging design to shake up the least contemporary aisle in the entire supermarket.

Jonah's was awarded Silver in the 2020 Pentawards global packaging design competition.

Credits - Chantal Roberti, Associate Creative Director