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The Future of Digital: Benchmarking study reveals how tomorrow's tech will transform business

by Bryony Nuttall

February 24, 2020

· A digital high street, extraordinary experiences and the eye-screen of the future - digital tech is set to transform life as we know it

· AI, trust and data protection are revealed to play a vital role in tomorrow’s business

· By 2030, active contact lenses will be commonplace

· Businesses are warned to steer away from disruption and focus on building brand trust and loyalty

A new benchmarking study conducted by leading futurologist, Dr Ian Pearson, and digital marketing specialists, Search Laboratory, has revealed the future technology trends that are set to transform marketing for businesses across the globe.

Shedding light on some of the most revolutionary and hidden tech at the brink of use in everyday society, the whitepaper reveals the major considerations for the marketers of tomorrow. The study places a firm focus on the importance of privacy, personalisation and practicality, urging businesses to put the foundations in place today, that will become key for the success of tomorrow.

The whitepaper reveals some key changes we will see over the next decade, which include:

· 75% of consumer households will have smart assistants

· AR active lenses will become a popular alternative to smartphones and wearables

· High street retailers will adopt virtual reality changing rooms

· Machine learning will be instrumental in driving digital marketing strategies.

Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy at Search Laboratory, comments on the study: “This whitepaper provides businesses with a practical insight into how technology is going to shape their business over the next ten years. There are three major considerations for the marketers of tomorrow: privacy, personalisation and practicality.

“Consumers will only become more demanding when it comes to what they expect and want from their technology. It’s crucial that professionals can keep up with industry advancements so they can facilitate a more robust and secure future.”

Dr Ian Pearson, who co-authored the study with Jimmy, added: “In a world that’s set to explode with opportunity, it will become all too easy for marketeers to become overwhelmed with the options available and lose their focus. This can’t happen.

“Tomorrow’s consumer won’t be concerned with impractical tech, or gimmicks – they want smart solutions to ease and enhance the everyday. This means that businesses must reach an audience on the platforms they view as useful, in a way that adds value and improves experience. Do this, and marketers and businesses are on the right tracks to future-proofing their businesses.”

The full benchmarking report is available for free download. To view the paper and discover practical advice on how to futureproof your businesses strategy, please head to our website.


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