Quick turnaround multi-market research for The & Partnership

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The&Partnership is one of the world’s fastest growing marketing networks

The&Partnership breaks down silos. Integrated teams across the network inspire, create and deliver content developing complex creative platforms which use data dynamically to inform everything from insight to production. They ensure they never launch-and-leave, they launch-and-learn.

The challenge

The&Partnership were working with a global brand and needed to explore consumers general attitudes towards technology and the role that it plays in their lives and how it enables us to do things big and small.

They also wanted to test consumers reactions to their creative/film as well as measuring their attitudes towards the client brand itself.

The research was to be conducted globally and aimed to retrieve richer insight typically only found in using a qualitative methodology. With The&Partnership having only been given less than a week until their client debrief and required actionable insights, timings were the biggest obstacle.

Our approach

Although the global brand exists across dozens of markets, given the timing constraints, we decided the best way forward was to conduct an online survey across consumers from key markets including the UK, South Africa, Turkey, US, Spain & Germany.

We designed a 5-minute survey and spoke to 100 consumers per country capturing their demographics, answers to closed questions around their attitudes towards and use of technology and also 2 x video responses which asked respondents firstly, for their feedback on the creative and secondly, on the clients brand image. The creative shown was in English only so subtitles were required for both this, and the responses from the respondents themselves.

With the tight timeframe The&Partnership was given, we were required to turn around design through to charts in 6 days and felt confident our automated tools would help to achieve this.

The outcome

Extensive quantitative & qualitative research was completed across six key markets which provided actionable insights to aid The&Partnership’s planning and creative development.

The video responses garnered from the online survey were invaluable and contributed towards a project-wide findings video that was later presented to the brand.

The research was utilised to well inform teams across both the agency & brand teams within The&Partnership.

We were really pleased with the bespoke solution which was turned around in a very tight timeframe yet produced genuine insights across a broad number of markets. We were able to get a genuine sense of people’s attitudes and behaviours around key topics as well as important feedback on our creative development. It felt like Savanta were a part of our team rather than supplier.

~Planning team, The&Partnership