Global activation concept for Elvis Communications

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Elvis is a digital-first, leading creative agency

It believes in integrating digital thinking into traditional communications from the offset, resulting in dynamic campaigns that are designed to work on every screen.

Elvis’s mission is to help people and brands grow using unexpected and unforgettable creativity.

The Challenge

Elvis proposed running a light touch piece of quant research across five key markets to gain a deeper understanding into a global confectionary brand’s audience. This would ensure the brand’s ideas were insight based and relevant to market nuances.

Elvis was eager to explore and understand consumer’s usage & attitudes towards the product, measure the key shopper barriers and understand behaviours specifically around mindful breathing and mental clarity.

Our Approach

Together, we decided that an online approach would work best given the timing restraints.

We were to speak with recent customers of the brand and explore their opinions on product benefits and usage, the coronavirus effects of shopping, and mindful breathing.

The study was to take place in Spain, Russia, Thailand, Brazil & Mexico and we were to speak with 500 respondents ages 20-45 per market.

Our internal operations team along with our streamlined processes enabled us to script, translate, complete fieldwork & chart the data within 3 business days which was critical for Elvis’s timings.

The Outcome

The campaign won't go live until next year, but the research helped Elvis to understand how people across the globe really feel about the client brand, and the importance of good breathing.

The research has highlighted the areas where the brand might have the highest degree of emotional resonance, enabling us to carve out a distinctive new territory for it.

The activation concept that the research inspired has seen great engagement from the brand teams in local markets so far, enabling us to grow the geographical scope of the campaign.