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S3 exists to help those with untapped potential in their pursuit to become the overachievers they damn right deserve to be. This agency doesn't ego pander and it certainly doesn't think small. This is where the little bite big.

Cardiff, United Kingdom
Founded: 2011
Staff: 46
Advertising & Media
Commercial Photography
B2B Market Research
TV & Radio Production
Artwork Production
General Illustration
Digital Design
digital strategy
Outdoor Advertising

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Can Can Car Finance.com
BBC Worldwide
Hosta Meltis
National Farmers' Union
Welsh Rugby Union
Brecon Carreg
University of South Wales
Castle Leisure
Kabuto Noodles

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Sector Experience
Food & Drink
Public Sector

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Five Reasons to Choose S3 as Your Next Ad Agency

March 24, 2017

An agency thrives or dies on the strength of its relationships with current and potential clients. How’s your relationship with yours? Chances are you were sold into the agency with the great guy – the number one sales person.

You met them and you clicked from the get-go. But ask yourself this: how long did that relationship last? Did they move on as soon as you signed, or did they stick around and work with you?

Make sure you know what your journey is going to be as a customer, and who you’re actually going to end up working with. If you’ve been with your agency for a while, being passed around to a new person every six months, then you might effectively be paying to train up that account manager.

Having been ranked #1 for client satisfaction three years in a row, we’d like to think we’re doing something right when it comes to building meaningful, long-lasting relationships. But if you’re not getting the same level of service that we offer as an agency, then maybe it’s time to consider S3.

So, what are you waiting for?

Drop us an email or ring us on 02920 373 321. We’ll get the kettle on…