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Ruptly Expands Video Verification Efforts with RT Digital Merger

10 September 2018 9:02am

Ruptly Verification Unit – Ruptly VU – will take on the experience of RT Digital in an ongoing effort to provide trusted, verified news content to clients and their audiences around the globe.

Berlin, September 10, 2018 - Global Multimedia Agency Ruptly announced a merger with RT Digital on Monday. The current verification and UGC content syndication procedures of both Ruptly and RT Digital will be streamlined in a joined unit under the agency’s umbrella.

“The Berlin-based unit will provide transparent verification analysis for all content that is distributed via the agency’s platforms,” explains Laura Lucchini, Head of Newsroom and VU at Ruptly.

Ruptly’s output includes an average of 40 new videos and five live events a day. Alongside original production, Ruptly works with 3,000 freelance journalists in over 100 countries, including in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and sources content directly from eyewitnesses via custom mobile app “Ruptly Stringer”.

“A deep understanding of news landscape across regions, paired with skillful use of social media and full array of newsgathering technology allows Ruptly team to optimize content discovery and verification in large volumes,” Lucchini added. “The experience of RT Digital is, undoubtedly, a valuable asset to Ruptly VU.”

Previously based in Dublin, RT Digital provided insightful investigations into sources of news on social media, Exposing False News Reports Following the Iran-Iraq Earthquake, Tracing Turkey’s Military Offensive in Afrin, and pinpointing locations, time and individuals captured on camera by eyewitnesses in a series of verified videos.

On Twitter, @RT_Digital will become @RuptlyVU and will remain a dedicated channel for engaging in the online conversation around digital verification, social discovery and publishing best-practice.

The launch of Ruptly Verification Unit is planned for October, 2018.


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