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Ruptly becomes most-watched news content creator on YouTube Germany in April

17 May 2019 15:48pm

According to Tubular Labs’ April Leaderboards, Ruptly tops the list of most-watched channels on YouTube in Germany within the News Category. Ruptly's overall cross-platform views increased substantially in April, growing by a third to nearly 30 million views as Ruptly consistently captured major news stories as they unfolded. Here are the highlights:

The Julian Assange exclusive

On April 11, Ruptly released a worldwide exclusive, uncovering the moment when Julian Assange was forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The video was used in coverage across the world, featuring in high-level publications ranging from CNN to The Guardian, and gathering millions of views for Ruptly's clients. Ruptly's original Twitter post on the breaking story has over 3 million views at the time of writing, and leads on the topic across platforms.

The video was made possible thanks to five consecutive days of continuous coverage and a last-man-standing ethos on the doorstep of the Ecuadorian Embassy, eventually culminating in Ruptly being the sole production team present at the moment of Assange’s arrest.

Notre Dame fire

The dramatic footage of Notre Dame tragic fire, which shocked the world, was a major topic globally as the news broke on April 15. Ruptly was on site with a live transmission that lasted for hours and gained 6.6 million views for the Facebook page of Unilad, placing their live stream among top 10 most-viewed videos cross-platform on the topic.

Another world-exclusive video was released the day after, on April 16. A drone video, showing the impact of the fire on the Cathedral is seen on the pages of The Guardian, Mail Online, ABC News, Euronews and more.

Ruptly continues to deliver live coverage of the Yellow Vest movement, which has recently received a gold distinction of the Shorty Awards. Within the last 90 days, Ruptly leads in terms of views among YouTube creators in media and entertainment, who provide video on the topic of Yellow Vests in English language.

Methodology used: 1) Cross-platform video search results for the term "Assange". 2) Cross-platform video search results for the term "Notre Dame Fire". 3) Top Creator in Media and Entertainment on YouTube with most video views for the search terms "yellow vest", "yellow vests", "yellow jackets".

All data presents results for the last 90 days as of 21.05.2019.

Leaderboards results for April, 2019

Data provided by Tubular Labs.


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