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How we encouraged the world to jump aboard IEC Abroad


Our objectives were to design a new site which was bright, positive, friendly and inclusive. It needed to be image-focused rather than text-heavy, and very easy to navigate.

IEC was keen that the new web design and development should inspire trust within their organisation, and emphasise the fact that IEC is a reputable, approachable source of advice and information.

The site also had to be designed and built in line with search best practice, and be user-friendly for content creators.

We found that the current search and social marketing campaigns lacked direction, often resulting in uninterested users.

In terms of functionality, we were tasked with building ‘Course Finder’ and ‘University Finder’ functions, as well as an ‘Apply Now’ form. We were also asked to incorporate areas of advertising space for IEC’s use.


  • We created designs that were in line with the brand personality: friendly, approachable and accessible
  • The designs were focused on colour and imagery, with text kept to a minimum
  • Navigation was simple, with a standard structure used throughout the site. Forms were designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with dropdown menus and filtering incorporated
  • We created prominent ‘Apply Now’ forms to help boost conversions
  • The site was built in WordPress so content could be added easily and frequently to help boost the site’s visibility, drive traffic, and increase search authority
  • All data was incorporated, giving the user access to a range of university and course information for the UK, the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand
  • We fully optimised the site for search before it went live
  • The site was built to be fully responsive across devices and browsers
  • Staying true to the brand’s ethos, the organic and content marketing strategy was developed around the partnerships IEC Abroad had developed in each of the different countries. Not only was this successful in showcasing the brand’s credibility and signposting prospective international students, but website authority was also strengthened and traffic increased.


  • We increase social media traffic by 580% after just 6 months
  • We witnessed an 84% uplift in the number of website conversions after 6 months
  • We increased organic traffic by 77% within just 6 months

What the client said:

“We have been with Run2 for just over 6 months now, and we are very satisfied with the choice of agency we have made. Run2 are friendly, honest and dependable, and really go the extra mile. The SEO-service we receive from Run2 is really a full service – I feel very confident with the team at Run2 looking after our business.

Run2 have helped us to create exactly the type of website we had in mind – they simply translated our ideas into a great, functional website with very little back and forth. We are extremely happy with the end result, and it is really obvious how their SEO experience has underpinned the way they built the site. I’m confident this site will really make a massive difference to our business!”

Kimberley De Jong, Marketing & Communications Manager


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IEC Abroad