Increasing non-branded revenue for an ecommerce client.

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The challenge

The challenge

Protected Species came to us after being unhappy with their digital performance, in particularly PPC.

We found that over 96% of all PPC revenue over the previous 12 months had come from branded searches. And ll of the non-branded campaigns were driving very few sales and making a loss when factoring in ad spend at a campaign level. We needed to change this.

The solution

We completely overhauled the campaign strategy on both Google Search and Google Shopping.

Our in-house designers also created new product and category pages, focusing on improved user experience and a generally more e-commerce friendly site design.

We also created a landing page testing strategy, A/B testing key landing page features such as CTAs, imagery and content. Our automation strategy focused on speeding-up processes and using machine learning to improve performance across non-branded campaigns.

The results

Reduced the branded revenue share from 96% to 46%

Increased non-branded revenue to 54%