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Zen Pırlanta Increases Brand Awareness Through Personalized Streaming Video Ads.

by Kaja Pryczkowska

Zen Pırlanta is one of the biggest jewelry brands in Turkey. They are growing rapidly and are opening new stores, as well as expanding their product line and adding perfumery to their portfolio.

After seeing the increasing potential of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic, Zen Pırlanta decided to invest more heavily in digital channels. In August 2020, they contacted RTB House to expand their branding activities.

Our goal at Zen Pırlanta was to enhance our branding activities and grow our audience. We are very satisfied with our successful cooperation with RTB House. Once they explained their strategy and implemented the relevant technologies, we were able to see positive results in all phases, especially related to the impressive reach and completed views. We can definitely recommend them for such campaigns.

~Can Aydıner, E-Commerce Coordinator, Zen Diamond


Zen Pırlanta already had very high visibility on TV and through numerous online outlets such as branding channels. However, the majority of web channels were used for performance purposes, and most ad types were evaluated based on how much money they brought in. As competitors increased their brand awareness, Zen Pırlanta needed to think of new strategies to reach a larger number of potential purchasers while maintaining the high value of their brand.

Their challenge was to generate better visibility and awareness for the same ad spend, so they chose to launch upper-funnel brand awareness campaigns in which sales contribution was not a KPI. The challenge for RTB House was to show the expanding brand the value of such advertising.


Zen Pırlanta decided to expand its marketing efforts to include brand awareness campaigns, introducing customized Streaming Video Ads from RTB House. The campaigns targeted new and existing customers who were in the upper funnel and helped them build a relationship with the brand. By applying this method, Zen Pırlanta was able to take a softer approach to users without current and strong purchase intent.


At RTB House, we have a lot of experience working with companies such as Zen Pırlanta and others looking to scale up their online commerce activity and visibility. We put a lot of emphasis on building long-term relationships and by working closely with Zen Pırlanta, we were able to assist them in delivering a meaningful campaign that met all of their requirements. It was a pleasure to work with Zen Pırlanta on this project and we're pleased with the great results of our implemented solutions.

~Can Tuncer, Country Manager, RTB House Turkey


RTB House was able to accomplish some outstanding outcomes in terms of brand recognition by leveraging the potential of its solutions in all marketing funnels.

Streaming Video Ads were seen by 740K unique users, with an incredible viewability rate of 93.04% and an overall video completion rate of 92.35%. Zen Pırlanta was delighted with these results, which are well above industry benchmarks and prove that better ad content and smart ad placement are key to strong brand awareness campaigns.


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