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Sleek, Safe, and High-performance Branding Ads for Mercedes-Benz

by Kaja Pryczkowska

Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s most iconic automotive brands, delivering luxury and commercial vehicles since 1926. Almost a century since its foundation, the company is still an undisputed leader, selling over 2 million premium vehicles annually and winning the World Luxury Car Category at the 2022 edition of the World Car Awards.

In order to best serve the needs of this innovator, Omnicom Group set up Team X, an agency dedicated to continuing the growth of Mercedes-Benz through tailored marketing activities.

Highly designed vehicles like the ones from Mercedes-Benz need to be promoted by ad campaigns that feel the same: high-performance, good looking, and safe. At Team X, we appreciate the agility and quality that we get from working with RTB House.

~Alexandra Navarro, Team Leader for Team X at Omnicom


Team X wanted to target a wide range of new users with offers for Mercedes vehicles and accessories. Reach is a solid aim for any online campaign but the challenge is to scale up campaigns while guaranteeing high-quality leads and safe ad placements.

Mercedes-Benz had an extensive list of brand safety rules, which are designed to protect the reputation that they have consistently built for nearly a century. They needed to partner with a provider like RTB House whose proprietary 3-layer Brand Safety feature is a standard for all campaigns.


The campaign was aimed at only new users and matched interest groups to the Mercedes-Benz offering, leveraging RTB House internal ContextAI feature to target people who browsed relevant content such as jewelry, business news, or premium travel offers. Users were then shown branding ads in a range of formats, each of which brought something unique to the campaign.

A mix of display and video ads was chosen to generate the maximum reach and product awareness. Innovative display formats like zipper and carousel ads turned static content into something more compelling and engaging, while pre-roll in-stream video ads included recommendation frames highlighting the key features of the vehicles.


RTB House two campaigns for Mercedes-Benz, each of which covered multiple ad formats and had positive results for both video and display.

The results for video campaigns run in 2021 and 2022 showed just how much RTB House over-delivered on the initial targets set by Mercedes-Benz and Team X. The average number of completed video views was 130% above expectation, with a brilliant Video Completion Rate (VCR) of 78.16% and viewability of 87%.

Across all campaigns, Mercedes was able to reach over 3 million unique users with quality creatives that further elevated the already-iconic brand.


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