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Nissan Brazil and Lew’Lara boost media strategy with high-level video campaigns

by Kaja Pryczkowska

Nissan—one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world—has been present in Brazil since 2000 as an importer and currently operates more than 180 dealerships in all regions of the country, in addition to promoting products and services digitally. The brand factory, which was inaugurated in 2015 and is located in Resende – RJ, manufactures and sells the new Nissan Kicks, Nissan Versa, Nissan Frontier and Nissan Leaf models in the country, besides the 1.0 12V and 1.6 16V flexfuel engines. The company is known for its thirst for innovation and technology, awakening in customers the desire to have unique experiences with the brand.

Founded in 1992 by Luiz Lara and Jacques Lewkowicz, and part of the TBWA group since 2008, Lew’Lara\TBWA has professionals from different backgrounds who share the values: transparency, empathy, respect, collaboration, and disruption. Currently, they are responsible for creating and managing large accounts, such as Nissan, Pepsico, Coty, Swift, and CVC Viagens.

RTB House technology and advisory support was instrumental in bringing together a truly consistent advertising strategy for Nissan. Our partnership made the difference throughout the entire process, with rich contributions from both sides to optimise campaigns and, consequently, advertiser investments.

~Gabrielle Souza, Media Supervisor at Lew’Lara


In partnership with the Lew’Lara agency, RTB House was challenged to develop branding and performance campaigns for Nissan Brazil. These campaigns would have different exclusive ad types which would reflect different customer journeys with the brand. Branding ads would impact new users on an emotional level, while performance ads would have increasing qualified traffic on the automaker’s website as a performance KPI.

In addition, there was also the need for cost optimization in Nissan Brazil’s video strategy, as this is an extremely important format for the automotive segment. To reduce the risks of investing in random audiences, the brand would need to increase the number of videos viewed and pay only for those who watched the full content.


When it comes to the ads of the campaigns, the main formats used were:


  • Streaming Video Ads that can combine a branded video with product recommendations, chosen with precision by the algorithm according to the interest or browsing behaviour of the user, which raises the personalization to another level and boosts the campaign visibility and reach with truly cost efficiency.


  • Zipper Ads that brought more traffic to the website through a dynamic design. The creatives featured the interior and exterior of the Nissan Kicks models with engaging messages and made interaction with the content of the ad possible, where the user could expand/reduce both parts of the content.

The Deep Learning technology that supported the campaigns is the most advanced branch of Artificial Intelligence. It uses superior analytical and predictive power to map user behaviour and present ultra-personalized advertisements in relevant contexts. This is expanded across an inventory that covers 95% of the open web.

The results obtained in this successful case show how much the partnership between Lew’Lara and RTB House supported us to impact a qualified audience with engaging ads, with an emphasis on the Streaming Video Ads format, which surprised us a lot in terms of cost and reach optimization.

~Vitor Perazza, Senior Marketing Analyst at Nissan



  • Only complete views were paid. These accounted for 49% of total views, while the other 51% were offered for free.
  • Reach of 3.8 million users.
  • More than 600K new users impacted.
  • 70% of the reached audience watched at least 75% of the videos displayed to them.
  • CPV (complete view) below the market average, 100% of the established target.


  • 194% of the established target for CTR.
  • Connect Rate* about 38% higher than the other players’ average.**
  • About 80K visits to the website homepage.
  • About 9% of Nissan’s website tags came from the RTB House campaign.**
  • Bounce rate 11% better than the expected goal.


*Connect Rate calculates the number of clicks that effectively become sessions on your website.

**Internal data from Nissan Brazil.


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