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Deep Learning Optimization Delivers For A1’s Dynamic Video Ad Campaigns

by Kaja Pryczkowska


Mindshare is a digital agency of 10,000 people spanning 86 countries. Forming part of Ogilvy and WPP, they are one of the market leaders in Bulgaria, supporting large clients in media and marketing through adaptive and inventive marketing solutions. Focusing on performance marketing, alongside data and analytics, Mindshare reached out to RTB House to implement a powerful campaign with branding solutions for their client - A1 Bulgaria.


A1 Bulgaria is a leading provider of communication, payment, and entertainment services, as well as integrated business solutions. Offering impressive portfolios in ITS, ICT, cloud, and hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes, A1 emphasizes strong values of trust and loyalty throughout their organization.


In the midst of the European Football Championship 2020, A1 reached out to RTB House wanting to offer a solution for a new category of TV services that would attract new users with a view of converting them at the bottom line of the funnel. A1 aimed to increase the awareness of TV categories during the championship and a challenge was set for RTB to implement a solution that could stand out in a competitive industry that already has a loyal customer base attached to it.


RTB House offered A1 a personalized branding solution along with sequence communication which could identify users at different stages of their marketing journey. This was achievable through the use of display banners and video ads at the awareness stage, with zipper banners and dynamic video used for those that had previously viewed products on A1’s website. With these solutions in place, remarketing could be implemented at the conversion phase, offering a multi-layered marketing solution that RTB could confidently rely on to meet the expectations set out by the client.

We were extremely satisfied with the service and solutions offered by RTB House and feel that they understood us and our values. Their innovative approach to our campaign through the use of Deep Learning technologies went beyond our expectations and the results speak volumes. We set out to increase awareness and got so much more by experiencing the exciting ways that their technologies can be used in personalized marketing.

~Plamen Ruskov, Team Leader | eCommerce&Web Solutions Team


RTB House yielded excellent results for the client and exceeded their expectations by delivering brand awareness videos that were displayed based upon their relevance to the end user. This highly personalized and targeted approach led to an impressive video completion rate of 78% along with a phenomenal reach of 178% beyond the original goal.


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