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BIODERMA Extends its Audience Reach with Streaming Video Ads

by Kaja Pryczkowska

BIODERMA is a NAOS brand that has been passionate about providing skincare for 40 years, drawing on its expertise in skin biology and ecosystem intelligence to understand sensitivity and provide solutions to dysfunctions.

With the utmost respect for the skin’s natural balance, BIODERMA's skincare products are developed using a positive approach without compromising dermatological safety. While looking to extend its brand visibility to a targeted audience for a new product, NAOS reached out to RTB House in order to create a bespoke campaign.

RTB House is a trusted partner of ours that we love working with. Utilizing their new model for branding campaigns, we’re consistently achieving excellent outcomes from all of our targets not only being met, but surpassed. Thanks to RTB House, our campaign achieved better results compared with sectoral benchmarks and we’d be happy to recommend their services to anyone looking to do the same.

~Tolgar ŞAŞMAZ, Digital Marketing and CRM Manager at NAOS


BIODERMA wanted to announce the launch of their new Sensibio H20 eye product with a 15-second video ad that would be watched by the maximum number of viewers from their targeted audience.

In addition to this, BIODERMA wanted to have visibility on pages containing targeted keywords and utilizing ad space that would not adversely affect the experience of website visitors.


After considering the challenges, RTB House was able to implement solutions focused on targeting capabilities. Thanks to proprietary Deep Learning technology and our innovative ContextAI feature, Streaming Video Ads were able to address the aim of reaching a targeted audience with a 75%+ VCR and viewability rate.

Additionally, these solutions helped display Streaming Video Ads to the right audience on pages with relevant content.

The campaign ran throughout March 2022, using the client's own video creatives. Ads were carefully targeted at a beauty and fitness audience and displayed on safe sites and in prime placements thanks to the RTB House ContextAI feature.


Assessing the performance of the campaign, NAOS experienced significant benefits from scalable technology that precisely targeted the right users at the right time. This allowed for the optimization of user frequency and maximum campaign reach for which 342,853 unique users were impacted and 569,078 completed video views were achieved. Efficient use of the budget also helped to deliver the brand’s message with highly effective ads that had an impressive viewability of 90.38% and VCR of 79.15%. RTB House reached a 32% higher viewability rate and 22% higher VCR than MOAT benchmarks for the sector and country.


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