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4x ROAS Over-Delivery in a Multiple Retargeting Strategy with Deep Learning

by Kaja Pryczkowska

Huuuge is a global developer and publisher of free-to-play mobile games. Its flagship title, Huuuge Casino, allows users to play 100 different social slots and was the first to introduce clubs to the social casino concept.

Huuuge Casino already has 2.4M monthly active users worldwide and is placed at the top of Google Play social casino rankings in more than 60 countries. The company launched a retargeting campaign with RTB House in 2021 in order to increase revenue and bring sustainable growth.

We were already running quite successful retargeting campaigns but adding RTB House was a huge success. They delivered at scale and re-engaged high-quality players through refreshing, highly designed creatives. The campaign over-delivered on KPIs like D7 ROAS, Volume, and Retention Rate, and strongly contributed to our success.

~Lena Ovadia, Retargeting Director, Huuuge


The campaign aimed to re-engage lapsed paying users who had previously played the game and paid for boosts and in-game content but were no longer active. Bringing back these high-value players with strict ROAS targets was the overall focus, within which there were three main challenges:

· Hitting the client’s KPIs and rapidly scaling up campaign reach

· Outperforming several established and active retargeting providers for Huuuge

· Delivering performance on iOS despite the limited capabilities caused by the implementation of iOS 14.5 in the advertising ecosystem

Deep Learning technology and a strong cooperation were the keys to success. The Huuuge team was eager to test new ideas, despite already having several active DSPs onboard. Regular catch-ups allowed us to understand and respond to their ongoing needs and add significant value to grow beyond the status quo.

~Paweł Świdziński, Global Head of Gaming Business, RTB House


RTB House created user-group segmentation based on user LTV and inactivity, allowing to adjust the bidding model in order to maximize revenue generation in each segment.

Precisely targeted users were shown ads in mobile apps. Strong calls to action led disengaged users back to the Huuuge Casino game and uninstalled users to the app store to download once more. Huuuge found the creatives designed by a dedicated RTB House team to be both refreshing and highly engaging. These were served in a variety of sizes and formats and tested during the campaign for metrics like CTR and CR.

Deep Learning algorithms were able to find unique patterns in user behavior that were not spotted by other retargeters and more accurately evaluated the potential of lapsed users. Even with the limitations presented by iOS 14.5, RTB House was able to over-deliver on ROAS targets.


Within three months, thanks to our experience as the first DSP to implement Deep Learning across 100% of our algorithms, RTB House became the most effective retargeting partner of Huuuge, and the only provider to consistently deliver on iOS KPI targets (post iOS 14.5 launch).

ROAS goals were exceeded by 3 to 4 times, depending on the user cohort, within the first two months. As the campaign progressed, it was rapidly scaled up and Huuuge Casino saw a 3.3 times increase in the number of paying players, and revenue from this group grew 2.6 times.

On the basis of this success, Huuuge decided to launch campaigns with RTB House for its other flagship titles, Billionaire Casino and Traffic Puzzle.


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