Video Ads Boost Debenhams Brand For Crucial Valentine’s Day Sales Period

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Debenhams is a leading UK brand with a history dating back to 1778

Debenhams is a leading UK brand with a history dating back to 1778. In 2021 the company reinvented itself as a leading online store, offering home delivery for its iconic fashion, beauty, and home collections.

Debenhams remains a household name in the United Kingdom, and the company is looking forward to many years as an eCommerce industry leader.

Valentine’s Day was an ideal opportunity to increase visibility in two of our biggest categories. The results generated by RTB House exceeded our expectations and we were particularly impressed with the video completion and viewability KPIs, especially compared to other upper-funnel platforms.

~Natalie Crane, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Debenhams


Despite being a well known brand, Debenhams needed to educate the public about its new online business model, and let them know that its digital doors were still open for customers. The company wanted to find ways to rapidly rebuild the passion and loyalty that it had nurtured in its customer base, and establish itself as the online department store of choice.

Valentine's Day offered the perfect opportunity to drive customers to the store’s blue-ribbon lingerie and fragrance categories. This required grabbing consumer attention and driving traffic to the Debenhams site during one of the most competitive shopping periods of the year. The Valentine’s Day campaign involved RTB House working as part of multiple retargeting strategy to get Debenham’s the best possible results.


The key was to combine effective user targeting with creatives that stood out from the crowd and deploy them in the runup to Valentine's Day. To that end, RTB House implemented a combination of Streaming Video Ads with Deep Learning algorithms and the ContextAI feature.

These solutions enabled RTB House to show high-potential users personalised video content showcasing fragrances and lingerie in an aspirational context. This encouraged users to click and check out the Debenhams online offering, re-cementing the brand's reputation as the go-to shopping location.


Our results were impressive. The adverts reached over 7 million users, with a 71% viewability and 69% completion rate. This outperformed the video campaigns that competing agencies were running during the same period. Indeed, our ads were so compelling that 54% of all users in the three-week run-up to Valentine's Day had seen at least one branding banner from RTB House.