OMD Uses Deep Learning to Generate Over 4M Impressions for MEO

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OMD is the largest Omnicom Media Group media agency and ranked number one in the Marktest national rankings in both 2017 and 2018

OMD is the largest Omnicom Media Group media agency and ranked number one in the Marktest national rankings in both 2017 and 2018. The company focuses on creating engaging experiences that build a richer relationship between people and brands. OMD combines strategic vision, modular infrastructure, and world-class talent to create value that scales.

OMD was working with MEO to run a major awareness campaign during the Christmas period 2020. This is one of the most competitive periods for advertisers so they turned to RTB House to gain an edge.


MEO is the telecommunications brand that revolutionized the Telco market in Portugal. MEO was the first phone services provider that also offered TV and internet services, leveraging next-generation optical fiber infrastructure.

The company is famous for its advertising campaigns featuring actors from the Gato Fedorento, Cristiano Ronaldo, Miguel Oliveira, and many other familiar faces in Portugal.


The campaign was tailored to reach a broad audience in Portugal and build brand awareness for MEO over the Christmas period. This created a two-fold challenge.

The first hurdle was the tight delivery time. RTB House and OMD had just 7 days to prepare and launch an effective campaign, and 10 days to hit KPIs.

Competition was the second challenge to overcome. The Christmas period is the “high season” for advertisers, and there are many brands competing for a limited pool of ad space. This forces advertisers to pay a premium, which can quickly eat away at ad budget.


RTB House and OMD then created two sub-campaigns, focusing on brand awareness and targeted at users unaware of MEO’s service offerings.

Engaging creatives were then created, tailored to each subcampaign. When live, the campaign was aggressively optimized using Deep Learning to maximize results, while minimizing costs.


The results were impressive. Despite operating in one of the most competitive seasons for advertisers, RTB House was able to achieve almost 4 million impressions in just 9 days of the campaign.

A combination of clever creatives, and effective targeting, meant that we were able to achieve over 78% average viewability and 55% Video Completion Rate.

We are very pleased with our cooperation with RTB House, especially as this was our first traffic campaign. We are particularly pleased with the low Cost Per new View, and will certainly consider using RTB House as a provider for future campaigns.

~Célia Figueira, Direção Digital MEO