5-star Hotel Campaign Leads to Incredible Conversion and Booking Rates

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Founded over 50 years ago, Aminess is now one of Croatia's top travel accommodation companies, with a portfolio totalling thirteen hotels, four campsites, and two resorts

Founded over 50 years ago, Aminess is now one of Croatia's top travel accommodation companies, with a portfolio totalling thirteen hotels, four campsites, and two resorts. Their brand new 5-star Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel boasts 299 fully air conditioned rooms, and a Wellness Center with an indoor swimming pool, a gym, sauna, and steam bath.

KG Media has been on the market for over 20 years. Their wide range of marketing services includes online and offline media buying, campaign analysis, communication and content strategies. They embrace all media including the web, video, TV, and radio.

For our brand-new 5-star Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel, we wanted to connect with new audiences. On both established and new markets, we needed ads that would highlight all of the hotel's USPs in captivating marketing content. The results were far above expectations, with performance that more than doubled our goals.

~Fran Brdar, Marketing Manager, Aminess


In partnership with the KG Media, RTB House was challenged to develop branding and performance campaigns for Aminess.

The campaigns ran at a peak time of year for holiday ads and during a highly competitive period just after the lifting of Covid restrictions. In order to stand out, RTB House utilized bespoke in-house creatives made exclusively for Aminess, as well as strict geolocation targeting. One unique challenge in retargeting campaign was that, although ads might lead users to one of the dozens of possible offers on the Aminess website, only bookings at the new hotel were counted as conversions.

We needed to target the right people, and create a direct path to booking at the Khalani Beach Hotel.


Branding ads were used to connect with people on an emotional level, sharing aspirational content with those in the ‘dreaming’ or ‘planning’ phases of their journey–especially travelers who might be inspired by a brand new 5-star hotel.

Performance ads targeted users who were moving toward the ‘booking’ stage, finding qualified traffic and making compelling offers which would drive up bookings and sales numbers.

The campaigns were active for 6 months and were supported by technology powered by Deep Learning – the world’s most advanced branch of Artificial Intelligence. It can analyze and predict user behavior in order to display ultra-personalized advertisements in relevant contexts.


RTB House overdelivered on the KPIs set by Aminess twice over, achieving an average return on ad spend within the retargeting campaign (ROAS) of 12.2 for 2022.

Personalized retargeting helped users from over 10 different countries to convert, thanks to the global inventory coverage of our campaigns. The dedicated banners directing potential travelers to the Khalani Beach Hotel achieved an incredible conversion rate of up to 11%.

The simultaneous branding campaign garnered over 6.5 million impressions, with an impressive reach of over 2 million users. These activities highlighted potential new customers which Aminess might then target in future with tailored ads, as well as increasing overall brand awareness on local and international markets.

The professionalism and level of cooperation achieved with the RTB House gives us confidence that we have a good partner we can trust. They listen to our requests and adapt at speed. They mix extreme competence with high technology.

~Alen Banovac, Media Planning Director, KG Media Croatia