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Harnessing the power of social media to drive comprehension of the message to #GetItRight

by Christina Daskajiannis

The Client

The Get It Right (from a Genuine Site) campaign is supported by the UK Government, coordinated by Creative Content UK (CCUK) in collaboration with the MPA, who represent global film, TV and streaming industry and the BPI, the UK record labels association.

The campaign aims to reduce piracy among 16-24 year olds by encouraging them to get their film, TV, music, gaming and sports content from genuine sites.

The UK’s creative industry supports 2.8 million UK jobs each year, contributes £18 billion in exports around the world and contributes ~£10 million per hour to the UK economy.


The Get It Right Campaign approached ROAST to plan and execute a digital media advertising campaign in collaboration with creative comms agency Tin Man, Restless Communications and content production agency Oh My!.

In order to drive comprehension of the message to access genuine content the right way, the educational campaign would need an effective digital media strategy to reach their target audience of 16-24 year-olds and raise awareness among this group. The campaign also needed to evidence that it could influence and ultimately change the behaviour of our target audience.

Within this integrated strategy, ROAST’s approach centred on planning, delivering and executing the Paid Media strategy.

Not only was launching the campaign in the middle of a global pandemic a challenge, but we also had to prove that our strategy could drive a change in consumer behaviour whilst also delivering efficient reach and frequency.

We approached the challenge aiming to:

- Leverage the scale of social media platforms to achieve the highest possible reach of the campaign creative amongst 16-24 year-olds

- Deliver against a media plan that demanded cost-efficiency.


Planning a digital-only campaign is challenging due to the sheer number of platforms, placements and formats available. ROAST worked closely with Tin Man, Restless Communications and Oh My! to ensure we had the right number of assets required to tell consumers an engaging story, whilst leveraging the broad reach and scale social media advertising has to offer.

We considered all the individual placements across Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube; to ensure that we not only reached our target audience but that we connected with them in meaningful and engaging ways. We used our expertise to clearly instruct the talent, Munya Chawawa and Krept & Konan, about what call to actions they had to use, video lengths and general best practice. As a result, we had a range of digital assets that gave us the flexibility to advertise across placements from stories to news-feed, skippable and non-skip. By using a highly targeted test and learn approach with platforms and ad formats, we were able to be agile to ensure maximum reach alongside cost efficiency.


- 3.5 Million Completed Video Views

- 2p Cost per Completed view, against a 5p target

- 18 Million impressions to audiences across YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram

- 21,000 Clicks through to the new website

- 20% Completed view rate across all platforms

- 100% View rate on TikTok, 315% above the industry benchmark


Campaign ads on TikTok surpassed industry benchmarks and have since been upheld by the platform as best practice.

The Ad Recall study reported that 15% of the target demographic (16-24 year olds) remembered seeing an ad for Get It Right.

Moreover, piracy levels instantly and noticeably stopped increasing (independent research by Ipsos MORI conducted in October 2020).


Paid Social


Get It Right