Iconic Car Manufacturer Caterham Cars Partners with Rika as Their Marketing Agency of Record

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Caterham Cars, the celebrated manufacturer of specialist British sports cars, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Rika, a leading full service digital agency. Rika has been appointed as the main agency for Caterham, providing comprehensive support in marketing, advertising and new technology platforms.

In the search for a partner who could offer a unique blend of technical and marketing capabilities, Caterham Cars selected Rika as their agency of choice. With its extensive expertise in the digital domain, Rika's team brings invaluable insights, skills, and solutions, making them the ideal collaborator to help achieve Caterham's future objectives.

"We are entering an exciting new chapter for Caterham Cars with our collaboration with Rika," said Marcus Randall, Global Brand Manager at Caterham Cars. "Rika's strategic focus and technical depth perfectly align with our vision of enhancing customer experiences and driving innovation across every facet of our brand."

Rika boasts a remarkable track record of working with diverse organisations in both the Public and Private sectors, including the Automotive, Aviation, and Financial Services industries. This extensive experience positions Rika as an invaluable partner for Caterham Cars, as they provide tailor-made solutions that cater specifically to the company's needs.

With representation in the UK, Netherlands, and Bulgaria, Rika's global distribution ensures seamless service for clients in both the UK and Europe. Their expansive network and geographic reach empower them to deliver targeted marketing campaigns and drive impactful results for Caterham Cars.

"We are thrilled to represent such an iconic name in the automotive industry," stated James Beeson, Director at Rika. "Our team is dedicated to harnessing the power of digital technologies to propel Caterham's brand forward."

The collaboration between Caterham Cars and Rika ushers in an exciting era of new product launches and an enhanced customer experience for the manufacturer's prospects and owners. 

About Caterham Cars:

Caterham Cars is a renowned manufacturer of sports cars, acclaimed for delivering exceptional driving experiences. With a line-up of models that range in power from 125bhp to 310bhp, each car weighing just over 500kg, Caterham’s eight Seven variants features something for every taste and every level of driving experience. Production of Caterham’s unique British cars is exclusively from within the UK- from start to finish, with the end goal, still being, to reduce weight and increase power. For more information, please visit caterhamcars.com.

About Rika:

Rika is a leading marketing agency specialising in providing comprehensive customer experience design, digital product development, and advertising services. With its strategic focus and technical expertise, Rika delivers best-of-breed skills and solutions to organisations across various industries. With representation in the UK, Netherlands, and Bulgaria, Rika is well-positioned to deliver impactful marketing campaigns and drive growth for its clients. For more information, please visit rika.digital.


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