Drive marketing results higher in 2023 with sophisticated analytics

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Over 50% of companies that use rigorous analytical setups to track marketing results report a higher profit than average

Using analytics as a tool to further improve current digital strategies is an effective way to ensure a constant increase in results.

Making sure your organisation's chosen platform is applicable with the big-name analytics integrations, but also has a version of its own is vital for the deepest form of analysis and deeper, accurate understanding of data.

Not only are marketing teams investing in analytical programs such as Google’s but with the correct solution, digital professionals are able to monitor and track important aspects such as the influence different channels have on users' conversions. The proper use of analytics is just one of the 7 top digital marketing trends expected to grow in importance and value next year in 2023. Organisations must become customer-centric in the year ahead, through utilising tactics like analytics and personalisation to drive great performance and profitable results.