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Relevance Announces Five New Services 2022

by Laura Bataille

August 10, 2022

Relevance News Services 2022

Relevance is delighted to announce the incorporation of five new services. Click the linked services to see what Relevance can do for you company!

1. Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the proactive measure of managing and influencing what information about your brand is readily available to internet users in search results.

Relevance is a leader in multilingual SEO and advertising. For over a decade, we have provided luxury businesses with a one-stop SEO solution, including running multilingual marketing campaigns, optimising websites for multiple languages and search engines, monitoring internet mentions, and maintaining a favourable presentation in web searches.

2. Audience Profiling

Audience profiling is the process of building an audience of specific types of individuals in order to discover which platforms they use, what content they consume, which people, bodies and brands influence them, their personality traits, purchase influences, socioeconomics and demographics.

At Relevance, we are highly skilled at deriving actionable insights from these data points and translating these into highly effective marketing strategies and campaigns based on your goals.

3. Pre-Branding Identity

A pre-branding identity document is a fundamental pre-phase marketing strategy created by Relevance to explore and define what is at a company’s core. Relevance will explore your brand in detail, revealing its psychology and audience profile. These marketing efforts include discovering a brand’s vision, message, manifesto, archetypes, Unique Selling Points, audience, personas and key competitors.

4. Print

Our full print service is from creative conception through to delivery of the finished printed product. In an increasingly digital world, printed marketing materials provide clients with a way to stand out with a remarkable and memorable experience that lasts.

5. Photography

Our luxury brand photography service starts every process with a creative kick-off meeting to understand how and where the images will be used and the desired results. We then create a mood board to establish the story and the overall desired aesthetic before moving on to creative planning, including location, models, styling, and selecting the suitable luxury professional photographer. For larger shoots, we work closely with a dedicated producer.


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