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Buyagift's Behavioural email programme results in 62% open rate

The Challenge

Buyagift’s aim is to always deliver highly targeted and relevant email campaigns. In the past Buyagift has seen that relevant and timely campaigns have fulfilled customer needs, as well as generating an impressive response rate in terms of sales.

Buyagift see an average of 730,000 visitors to their website on a monthly basis. The challenge for Buyagift was to ensure that visitors to the website and their overall customer base were sent communications that were appropriate, to encourage repeat purchase.

The main objectives of this project were to encourage positive reviews for customer experiences; create customer loyalty and engagement and ultimately increase revenue.

The Solution

The behavioural emails were set up by RedEye within their Marketing Automation Solution Platform, Contour, based on three different trigger criteria, which were:

• Auto loaded data feeds

• Tag driven solutions from website behaviour

• Pre-defined segmentation data based on customer analysis that ensured that when a customer met a certain criteria, they would be triggered an email

Triggered by insight devised from customer data, the emails work off both profile data and ‘real time’ behavioural data, ensuring customers only receive information on the experiences that would be of greatest interest to them.

Buyagift also wanted to ensure that the emails were designed using best practice criteria that the recipient would find engaging and useful. The templates were designed to include:

• A good text to image ratio to ensure the emails were still accessible when images were not enabled

• CTA’s above the fold to allow the customer to quickly return to the website

• Personalisation in subject lines to help increase relevancy to the customer

A series of rules were requested to ensure that a customer would not receive too many emails in a short space of time. This was important to ensure that customers would not unsubscribe from email communications, or become uninterested due to emails being sent too regularly.

It was also clear that the behavioural emails needed to complement the general campaign emails that were sent out to the customer base. Based on expert advice from RedEye, these followed the same design, branding and tone of voice as the website to ensure continuity and brand recognition. This approach helps the customer to have a seamless transition from the emails to the website and ensures a consistent brand experience.

The emails were created based on where the recipients were in their Customer Lifecycle: from welcome, to abandon browse; all the way through to product reviews and anniversary campaigns. The campaigns were designed to move the customer through the purchase journey to create loyalty to purchasing from Buyagift. Dynamic content helped to ensure that the emails were personalised to each recipient.

To ensure that the messaging was delivering a positive result for both, the customer and Buyagift, RedEye introduced a holdout control cell for all people signing up to emails. This meant that their purchase behaviour was not influenced at all by the behavioural emails. The control cells were set up to be a statistically valid proportion of the overall volume. This was important to Buyagift as the results needed to be representative of their customer base.

The control cell is used to measure performance against the mailed segments on a monthly basis to ensure the value of the emails is maintained over the lifetime of a customer

To find out the results of this case study, read the full study here.


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