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Studio Universal is NBCUniversal’s showcase film channel in South Africa, Latin America and Italy


Our challenge was to design a movie channel that would stand out from the competition, convey both scale and quality, and connect with audiences in each of the channel’s territories.


NBCUniversal is rare among movie channel providers in having an unparalleled and current movie studio to draw credibility from. We wanted to draw on this for Studio Universal by challenging typical movie channel conventions by borrowing cues from cinemas and film poster visual language.

The channel logo was redesigned as a simple, confident black and white marque with a cinematic typography style defined by the movie poster. For the on screen presentation graphics, we expanded on this unique style with cues from film poster language.

The idents, shot on location at Universal Studios LA, give the viewer unique behind-the-scenes access to key recognisable scenes from the world of movies. Each ident also has an alternative version which uses the same set and key actors or prop but showcases a different movie scene – piquing the viewers interest by giving them the same starting moment, but then a different story unfolds.


“In refreshing Studio Universal we wanted to challenge typical movie-channel conventions. The result, via Red Bee’s inspired creative concept, is that we’ve firmly placed our love and passion for the movies at the heart of the Studio Universal brand with the aim of bringing viewers even closer to the full movie experience.”

- Marco Giusti, SVP, Creative, NBCUniversal International

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