BBC Three - Rebrand

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We took the popular youth channel from terrestrial TV to its new home in the digital world


Redesign the logo, as well as the look and feel of all online assets and the entire TV on-screen presentation.


The issue we noticed with social video is that as soon as a brand is successful, it gets shared onto platforms it doesn't’ control. And the more it gets shared, the more the brand drops away, leaving just the content which, if poorly branded, could be attributed to anyone.


Our idea was to create a stamp that would bond the brand to the content, ensuring it would retain ownership of the content wherever it exists, before moving swiftly out of the way.

Rather than design the brand for a big screen, we started from the smallest possible place, a thumbnail, and built out from there.

The work was designed to embody the notion of 3 or II!, as represented in a stamp. The stamp then animates in such a way that it clears the screen, letting the content take over. These short form animations could also be combined into idents.


Our designs launched the channel online, offering up a rebranded and dynamic brand that can exist across all platforms. The new look has been very well received by the viewing public, as highlighted by channel controller Damien Kavanagh. “These are early days for BBC Three but I’m overjoyed with what we’ve achieved so far. It’s a marathon not a sprint but so far we’ve exceeded expectations."

Since the rebrand shows on the channel have been permanent fixtures in BBC iPlayer's most popular with all episodes of Thirteen, Sex In Strange Places, Cuckoo and Life And Death Row featuring in the top 5.

Episode one of contemporary British drama Thirteen has had over 2.4m requests so far. To put that into context the last Sherlock did 2.4m when it was available in January. It shows the content cuts through with a young audience wherever it is.

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