Release Your Imagination

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We have launched a campaign to highlight the value to brands of using engaging Computer Generated Content in order to promote themselves online

The 40 second creative short was produced to demonstrate how using this form of engaging animated content, combined with a strong clear narrative, can revolutionise the way brands approach online marketing.

Our team created the uplifting animated short to capture and inspire brands into a new way of thinking. The piece presents a story of numerous characters leading monotonous adult lives which are then catapulted into a world of creative imagination following one spark of inspiration.

Our Managing Director Tony Prosser believes that this form of narrative based, animated content could transform many brand’s approaches to engaging with their consumers on-line, “In this economic climate brands have to work harder if they are to increase loyalty and build customer engagement. We wanted to produce a piece of creative that would provoke emotion from that audience – a wakeup call that asks brands ‘Isn’t it time to approach things differently?’

Tony continued “We’ve used our expertise in the games industry, our knowledge of the creative digital sector and our experience of working with leading UK brands such as Warburtons, to offer a very unique approach to online marketing."