Nike shoe configuration

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When leading supplier of althletic apparel Nike rolled out their new range of high performance football trainers, they turned to leading agency AKQA and RealtimeUK for support

The range, which premiered on Nike’s Football UK web site is shown in CG allowing the viewer to take the shoes apart and investigate the build quality of the materials used. It also allows them to rotate and explore on screen, allowing the exploration of the shoe in an amazing amount of detail.

To achieve this, we took a sample shoe apart and discovered how it fitted together as an intricate puzzle. We then repeated that disassembly and reassembly in the digital production. We photographed the shoe for texture purposes and then worked on removing all shadows and highlights. Since the indoor and outdoor football trainers had a similar structure, once we created the indoor version, only minor alterations were needed to complete the outdoor shoes, saving Nike valuable time and money.