RealtimeUK are a digital agency with computer generated imagery (CGi) and animation at the heart of everything we do. This is what makes us different.

Using this approach to digital marketing means we deliver visually stunning content which is interacted with in ways not possible in reality; content so flexible, you can play with, explore, modify, personalise and share it across many digital channels.

Whilst people are interacting with and sharing your content, our digital agency expertise allows you to acquire valuable insight into their consumer behaviour, their choices and preferences, which in turn can influence your future direction regarding marketing and communications.

Digital marketing inspired by CGi provides the focal point to a new website / re-launch; is used to create characters that become signature pieces for media / marketing campaigns (think Alexsandr Meerkat); provides the face for CRM programmes, and creates a springboard for social interaction (sharing across Facebook, Twitter etc).

For more information on how we’ve inspired brands such as Microsoft, Nike, Warburtons, Aston Martin, LG, Sony, Fiat and Disney, then do get in touch.
Founded 1996
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