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Delivering a digital platform for Unite The Union

by Alexei Lee


Our partnership with Unite now spans over 8 years, and began with the architecture, build, and delivery of a sustainable, secure enterprise-level CMS website. Unite required a system that would accommodate more than 100 content editors to maintain different sections of the site.

As membership organisations often have large stakeholder groups, it was also important we secured stakeholder buy-in. The key challenges included:

· Website content and features required more user-centricity

· The organisation’s complex proposition was difficult to navigate online

· Membership registration journeys required more clarity

· The technology underpinning the website was outdated


Through discovery, we garnered a deeper understanding of the organisation and developed insight into its short, medium, and long-term objectives. As our relationship grew, we also began working with the communications and campaign team.

After analysing the website’s performance, we recommended and implemented changes to improve user experience, and help Unite meet its objectives. Our recommendations were data-driven, informed by user and stakeholder research obtained through workshops.

Following a more recent review of digital requirements, the need to replace the organisation’s legacy CMS became apparent. Working together with the Unite digital team, we were able to demonstrate the need for a new, user-centric strategy, and helped them promote the wider benefits this shift would have for the organisation.


During our 8-year relationship with Unite, we’ve developed a strong understanding of the organisational challenges facing the organisation. Through a user-centric, data-informed approach, we’ve established long-standing relationships with internal stakeholders.

As a result, we delivered a digital platform that answers the question, ‘Why join a union?’. Following the launch of the new website, we saw a 33% increase in online membership applications. This continues to increase month-on-month.

We also developed a strategy for membership using digital as its primary platform for growth - a huge internal shift for the organisation.

As retained digital consultancy for Unite, we continue to provide specialist support, iterating and enhancing website features.


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Unite The Union